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Extractohol is 200 Proof Ethyl Alcohol Food Grade Alcohol. Extractohol-O is 190 Proof NOP Certified Natural Cane Food Grade Alcohol. Extractohol has almost zero displacement when poured over herbs because of its purity. It is excellent for making herbal oils, RSO/FECO, tinctures, perfumes, aromatherapy oils, and culinary extracts!. Alcohol Strength: 190 proof vs 200 proof. Culinary Solvent is available in 190 proof (95% ABV) and 200 proof (100% ABV) options. Everclear is available in 190 proof (95% ABV) and 151 proof (75.5% ABV) options, depending on where you live. Takeaway: When it comes to ABV, Culinary Solvent can't be beat. Anyone can add water to their ethanol to. That is what is meant by "100 proof" alcohol: 50 percent alcohol and 50 percent water, 100 proof means it is 50% alcohol and 50% water. Making your first alcohol tincture The higher the alcohol content, 800 ml of 100-proof alcohol is diluted with 200 ml of water, although sometimes the alcohol Buy Alcohol To Make Herbal Tinctures - Lab Alley.
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